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I am  so excited to present these beautiful pieces of jewelry that are a collaboration between Rebecca Gayheart (Founder and Co-Chair of the Butterfly Ball), Kelly Oxford (New York Times Bestseller), and myself.

Together we designed this jewelry to benefit Chrysalis in conjunction with Butterfly Ball. The Butterfly Ball was created 17 years ago to aid Chrysalis, an organization that helps the homeless by teaching the necessary skills to obtain and maintain an occupation. From that point on the Butterfly Ball would become the number one fundraiser for Chrysalis in an effort to end homelessness.


We hope that this jewelry will serve as a beautiful reminder that everyone deserves a second chance to become their best self. You will find the quintessential butterfly on these pieces, which signifies just that.


This jewelry line was thoughtfully curated and selected to represent the difficult yet rewarding journey Chrysalis clients brave. For every purchase, a portion will be donated to Chrysalis. Please help spread the word by posting your new Melinda Maria Butterfly jewelry and use the tags #changelives #butterflyball @chrysalisla and @mmjewelry. 

Thanking you in advance for your contribution. We hope you enjoy your new Melinda Maria Butterfly jewelry!


Rebecca Gayheart, Melinda Maria, and Kelly Oxford